Geo Social
A cool, safe, Web App that can show in real time the position of your friends on a map and much more. Great for gatherings, excursions and road warriors. Safe for privacy, no need to enter real name or email and you only deal with the friends you invite. Quickly get friends on board, just send an invitation, they click it and they are in, no app to install. Trying it alone? Log two usernames on two devices or browser sessions to see how it works.
This is a prototype and a work in progress, sorry for any glitch or uncomplete feature. By using it you greatly help to improve it, Thanks . The tested and recommended systems are: To start immediately joining a group, please fill in the fields below:


User name:
(this name will identify you in the group)
Group name:
(only users knowing this group can see each other. You can invite friends in the next page)
Starting location:
(it will change as you move)